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Cohousing is a unique form of housing that works for people of different generations and walks of life.

Cohousing Neighbourhoods … Some people call them a return to the best of small-town communities. Others say they are like a traditional village or the close-knit neighbourhood where they grew up.  While futurists call them an altogether new response to the social, economic, and environmental challenges of the 21st century.

Features of Cohousing:
1. Participatory Process
2. Neighborhood Design
3. Private Homes Supplemented by Common Facilities
4. Resident Management
5. Non-hierarchical Structure and Decision-making

Cohousing and Sustainability:
Cohousing is attractive to me precisely because it meets an immediate practical need for a rich social environment close to home while also satisfying a deeper need to be a global citizen.” ~Don Lindemann

DISCOVER MORE: http://www.cohousing.ca/