Celebrate National Real Estate Day


On May 17, 2016, the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) will celebrate National Real Estate Day, a day for all Canadians to celebrate the benefits of home ownership.

TREB President Mark McLean will kick off the celebration on Breakfast Television at 6:20 a.m. and discuss the meaning of National Real Estate Day.

“With National Real Estate Day, we finally have a forum for all Canadians to discuss why they love their home and how home ownership has positively impacted their lives,” said McLean.

In his appearance, McLean will talk about the positive effects owning a home can have on an individual and/or family. “Home ownership is a great investment. It’s a straightforward way to build a solid financial future, and it’s also the only investment you can live in,” said McLean.

“On top of the financial benefits, research shows several other benefits of home ownership. For instance, homeowners have been found to have an increased sense of pride, security, and stability,” McLean noted.

McLean also mentioned many more positive spin-offs associated with home ownership. The TREB President noted several other positive statistics from a 2015 Habitat for Humanity research project “Transforming Lives,” that owning a home can also improve the education outlook of your children, improve your family’s health through higher levels of physical activity and lower levels of psychological distress, and  increase levels of civic involvement and charitable support in your community.

“So, in the interest of your family’s well-being and your financial future,” said McLean, “it’s wise to make the transition to home ownership at your earliest opportunity.”

McLean will also urge viewers to get involved in the national conversation on social media by sharing why they love their home and how home ownership has positively impacted their life by using the hashtag #iheartrealestate on Facebook and on Twitter @TREBhome. For all the details visit TREBhome.com/NRED.

At noon on May 17, there will be a live Twitter Chat hosted by TREB that features the chance to win prizes for participating.

Breakfast Television and TREB President will announce a contest that would enable one lucky winner to take home a $3,000 Rona Home and Garden gift card to help with their home ownership goals.

Talk to a Toronto Real Estate Board Professional Member REALTOR®. For updates on the real estate market, visit TREBhome.com. If commercial property is what interests you, contact a TREB Commercial Professional Member REALTOR® by visiting trebcommercial.com.

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